Being a Parent Is…

Being a parent, just like in marriage, is a continual exercise in learning how to be selfless.

Being a parent is:

Giving up more than half your bed so your scared little man can join you at 3 a.m. Of course this also means getting no sleep and still getting up the next morning to get everyone ready to go for the day.


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Confessions of a “NO” Mom

The other day my son asked me for something simple. A cookie, I believe. And I did what I’ve become so accustomed to.  In all honesty, its just become a knee jerk reaction for me.

I said “No.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. Especially when dinner is maybe 10 minutes away and my son can hold out for a plateful of healthy food. But, at the same time I found myself thinking, “Wow, you say that a lot.” It just rolls off my tongue so easily! I don’t even have to think about it.

Mom, can I…  NO.

Mom, how about if…. NO.

Mom, will you let me… NO.


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