Is That All it Takes?

ImageToday I’m home with two sickies. We all stayed home from school. Me from my classroom, they from theirs.

So once I had the puke cleaned up and the dishes caught up and the laundered bed sheets all re-assembled I thought, wow, I actually have time to write a blog post today.

Is that all it takes?

A sick day?

Geesh, if I had known that we would have been running things a little different ’round here.

Of course, its not my sick day. If it were my sick day I’d be half naked laying across my bed unconscious with a saltine sticking out my mouth and a Kleenex stuffed up my nose. Nice picture I painted there, no? Continue reading


Birthday Bash

I love celebrating my kids. And I don’t really need an excuse but birthday’s definitely require making the day special.

Chloe’s one request for her birthday was to receive breakfast in bed. She got that. And then we went and had some birthday fun!


Chloe and her friend Natalie.

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