Today, I am just grateful.

Grateful for new jobs that are a great fit for my husband and myself and our family. These jobs have literally changed everything and we couldn’t be happier with them and how positive they are for our family and our future.

Grateful for new friendships. We were stuck in a rut working and going to school all the time and after 2 ½ years in this community we are finally making friends. Right in our neighborhood. It’s been a busy summer. Completely different than what we’ve been used to. And we’re lovin’ it!

Grateful for people who get what we go through with our kids and don’t judge us. We’re surrounded by people who totally and completely get special needs. Whether because they work with them or because they have their own children with special needs. It’s a complete Godsend to be around people who aren’t put off by the way my child acts

Grateful for new friendships and experiences for our kids. All of our kids have grown tremendously this summer. We met a few wonderful families from our neighborhood and our kids have been dealing with peer issues, sharing, more opportunities for interaction than they know what to do with, sleepovers, playdates…running to and from each others houses. They. Are. In. Heaven. And its been really good for my kids who have a harder time socializing as well because there have been many lessons and opportunities to try new things and be in new situations.

Grateful for my girls friend who really seems to “get” her. They were playing on the playground the other day and she started pushing all the swings so that they were all moving at the same time and couldn’t stop. I could see her friend calling her and wanting her to join her and she had to go all the way down the line on the swings. Her friend  came and joined her. And started helping her push all the swings. I thought that might cause problems. But, it didn’t. My girl actually seemed to appreciate the help as they worked together. And the swings got moving faster and they were able to move on to something else. Some other friend might get tired of my daughter and her little quirks. This friend seems to just roll with the punches.

This was most definitely the summer of gratefulness. Can’t wait for all the friendships, experiences, and fun that the next year brings. 


Birthday Bash

I love celebrating my kids. And I don’t really need an excuse but birthday’s definitely require making the day special.

Chloe’s one request for her birthday was to receive breakfast in bed. She got that. And then we went and had some birthday fun!


Chloe and her friend Natalie.

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Only Me

The funny thing about the thought, “Something like this would only happen to me” is how ridiculous it is. I’m sure that all those things that we think only happen to us are happening to other people every day of the week we just don’t talk about it.

So, I’m breaking the mold today and talking about something we don’t normally talk about.

Pap smears.

Before you stop reading, I’m not actually going to take you through my appointment. I’m just going to share a funny story about something that happened while I was there. Continue reading

How To Handle Picky Eaters

Typical conversation before dinner starts at my house:

“What is this?”

“It’s chicken. Chicken nuggets.”

“But these aren’t the kind we normally have.”
“I know, but that brand was out when I went to the store last time. Tonight, we’re having these.”
“But I don’t like these.”
“But you’ve never had these.”

“They look weird.”
“They’re chicken nuggets. They’re all the same.”
“They smell different.”
“They’re the same thing.”

“I’m not hungry. I’m not eating.”
“For real? You’re not even going to try them?”

The good news is, that I did get my kids to move past the generic, McDonald’s-esque nuggets that they were used to to try a different honey glazed nugget with what appeared to be better meat. We started using that brand for a couple of years when, to my surprise, my husband says one night, “I’ll just have a bowl of cereal.” Seriously, this has got to be the biggest insult non-insult out there. Doesn’t matter if I’ve slaved over a meal all afternoon or if I’ve popped nuggets in the oven, I’ve never liked that. Malt-o-Meal and General Mills…stop being so easy and tasty and creating conflict in my marriage!

Come to find out my hubby didn’t like that brand of nuggets. For years without saying anything. He didn’t like the original brand either. He liked a specific kind. With honey mustard sauce. Oy.

My name is Alecia and I have a family of picky eaters.

I’m sorry, but when your kids and your husband won’t even eat the nuggets because they “look” a little different than the usual brand…you’ve got a problem. Continue reading

I Want the Real Thing

I took myself and a couple of the kids to the track the other day. And it was killer. I have been doing so well on my treadmill at home and the day was so nice that I thought I’d take my running outside on this particular day. Big mistake? You tell me. I think I’m doing something wrong.

When I run on the treadmill I can easily run 15 minutes. In just a few short months I’ve gone from just walking to interval training to doing what I’m doing now, warming up with a brisk walk, running, and then cooling down.

When we went to the track, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t making it near as far. I made it about half my distance. Not quite 2 miles. Ugh. Continue reading


5-minute-friday-1Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Friday.

The rules are simple: Write for five minutes. That’s it. Just write.

Today’s prompt: Beautiful

And go…

Oh, I’ve been struggling lately.

Struggling with my body image.

Struggling with my stretch marks.

Struggling with my belly (the one place my body apparently has decided it wants to store excess fat so I look perpetually 4 months pregnant.)

Struggling to accept my husbands compliments.

When I look in the mirror with my own eyes, with eyes of comparison, with eyes of unrealistic expectation…I see everything I don’t want to see.

When I look in the mirror and choose to see the truth, choose to see what God sees, I see a woman of strength, a woman who’s born and fed four children with her body, a woman who, for having had four kids, looks pretty dern good. A woman who has started running and can tell by how she feels and looks, a woman who has kind eyes and fantastic legs. A woman who is starting to develop wrinkles in all the right places…because it means I’m smiling.

Smiling at this beautiful woman looking back at me.

I am beautiful.

Not because of what I look like but because of who I am and because of who He says I am.


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