Awhile back at work, all of us were given a rose to take home. It was a sweet surprise. As usual, with a single flower, the roses had the little water capsules on the stem to keep them hydrated till they were able to get into a vase.

I took mine home, laid it on the counter and forgot about it. The next morning, I came downstairs to see that my flower had made it into a vase full of water. My sweet Chloe had been trying to be helpful. I thanked her and went about my day…only to find that my flower was dead by the next morning. I thought…how odd. Roses usually last a good week for me! Continue reading


Today, I am just grateful.

Grateful for new jobs that are a great fit for my husband and myself and our family. These jobs have literally changed everything and we couldn’t be happier with them and how positive they are for our family and our future.

Grateful for new friendships. We were stuck in a rut working and going to school all the time and after 2 ½ years in this community we are finally making friends. Right in our neighborhood. It’s been a busy summer. Completely different than what we’ve been used to. And we’re lovin’ it!

Grateful for people who get what we go through with our kids and don’t judge us. We’re surrounded by people who totally and completely get special needs. Whether because they work with them or because they have their own children with special needs. It’s a complete Godsend to be around people who aren’t put off by the way my child acts

Grateful for new friendships and experiences for our kids. All of our kids have grown tremendously this summer. We met a few wonderful families from our neighborhood and our kids have been dealing with peer issues, sharing, more opportunities for interaction than they know what to do with, sleepovers, playdates…running to and from each others houses. They. Are. In. Heaven. And its been really good for my kids who have a harder time socializing as well because there have been many lessons and opportunities to try new things and be in new situations.

Grateful for my girls friend who really seems to “get” her. They were playing on the playground the other day and she started pushing all the swings so that they were all moving at the same time and couldn’t stop. I could see her friend calling her and wanting her to join her and she had to go all the way down the line on the swings. Her friend  came and joined her. And started helping her push all the swings. I thought that might cause problems. But, it didn’t. My girl actually seemed to appreciate the help as they worked together. And the swings got moving faster and they were able to move on to something else. Some other friend might get tired of my daughter and her little quirks. This friend seems to just roll with the punches.

This was most definitely the summer of gratefulness. Can’t wait for all the friendships, experiences, and fun that the next year brings. 

We Need More Grace

Everywhere I turn these days I’m inundated with facebook memes, profile pics, news articles and blogs that are of either the persuasion that gay marriage should be legal or that it shouldn’t. While there are some great voices being heard in this discussion for the most part what I’ve been sensing is that ultimately what most of us are doing is just talking over each other. We’re coming to the table to be heard, not to listen. We’re coming to the discussion ready and armed to prove that we’re right rather than willing to hear all of the reasons why someone who differs from us might have right on their side as well.

We’re coming and sitting down at this table and forgetting the most important thing…grace.

We’ve got notes and research and opinions and documents and studies and surveys and we sit down to have a conversation about this and everything comes out wrong, everything tastes horrible, nothing is received well. Why? We forgot to season our words with grace. Not just our words. Our tone, our attitude.

I’m trying to understand where people are coming from on both sides. But if I’m being honest, I’m getting sick of it. From both sides. Continue reading

Calling First


The other day, my kids did something for like the hundredth time and it about sent my husband and I over the edge.

Lately they’ve been so consumed with getting something “first” so from the moment they get picked up from school they are vying for first with everything: practicing piano, watching a TV show, being on the computer, whatever it is…first.

Did you ever do this growing up? I know my brother, sister and I did for a while. It was like this huge competition. We especially did it when we were getting up from our seat when we were watching TV. If we felt we had a prime position on the couch we’d call out “I call my spot back!” and then no one could take it while we were out of the room. Like shouting out those words put an invisible bear trap on our seat that would entrap anyone who tried to steal it.  Amazingly we always honored this phrase. It was like an unspoken code of honor. Continue reading