Being a Parent Is…

Being a parent, just like in marriage, is a continual exercise in learning how to be selfless.

Being a parent is:

Giving up more than half your bed so your scared little man can join you at 3 a.m. Of course this also means getting no sleep and still getting up the next morning to get everyone ready to go for the day.


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How To Handle Picky Eaters

Typical conversation before dinner starts at my house:

“What is this?”

“It’s chicken. Chicken nuggets.”

“But these aren’t the kind we normally have.”
“I know, but that brand was out when I went to the store last time. Tonight, we’re having these.”
“But I don’t like these.”
“But you’ve never had these.”

“They look weird.”
“They’re chicken nuggets. They’re all the same.”
“They smell different.”
“They’re the same thing.”

“I’m not hungry. I’m not eating.”
“For real? You’re not even going to try them?”

The good news is, that I did get my kids to move past the generic, McDonald’s-esque nuggets that they were used to to try a different honey glazed nugget with what appeared to be better meat. We started using that brand for a couple of years when, to my surprise, my husband says one night, “I’ll just have a bowl of cereal.” Seriously, this has got to be the biggest insult non-insult out there. Doesn’t matter if I’ve slaved over a meal all afternoon or if I’ve popped nuggets in the oven, I’ve never liked that. Malt-o-Meal and General Mills…stop being so easy and tasty and creating conflict in my marriage!

Come to find out my hubby didn’t like that brand of nuggets. For years without saying anything. He didn’t like the original brand either. He liked a specific kind. With honey mustard sauce. Oy.

My name is Alecia and I have a family of picky eaters.

I’m sorry, but when your kids and your husband won’t even eat the nuggets because they “look” a little different than the usual brand…you’ve got a problem. Continue reading

Confessions of a “NO” Mom

The other day my son asked me for something simple. A cookie, I believe. And I did what I’ve become so accustomed to.  In all honesty, its just become a knee jerk reaction for me.

I said “No.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. Especially when dinner is maybe 10 minutes away and my son can hold out for a plateful of healthy food. But, at the same time I found myself thinking, “Wow, you say that a lot.” It just rolls off my tongue so easily! I don’t even have to think about it.

Mom, can I…  NO.

Mom, how about if…. NO.

Mom, will you let me… NO.


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Dive in.

If there is one thing I know all my kids have in common it is this…they love the water. Bath time, showers, pools, hot tubs. Doesn’t matter. They could spend hours. (Just like their momma.) They soak it up!

Every time we take swimming lessons they have the opportunity to jump off the diving board at the end of every lesson. It’s so much fun to be sitting in the gallery and watching all the little kids (and big kids) timidly jumping off the side of the board, with a noodle around their waste, into the open arms of their instructor. Of course, some are not so timid and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Others are brave and jump (or attempt a dive) straight out, completely independent. And others like my kids, walk up to the ladder and don’t even want to make the climb. Too risky. Too high up. Continue reading

Comparison Kills


Comparison kills.

I’ve talked about this in a blog on our marriage site Marriage Life Ministries. But this concept isn’t just for marriages. It translates into all areas of life. We are so prone to comparing ourselves to others in every area:

Job/ job status


Material possessions



You name it.

I recently had a conversation with another mom when we were standing in her kitchen. Her son came barreling in and went to the fridge to get some water. The water went everywhere. I was soooooo impressed with how she responded to him and made some joke about how if it had been me I would have been shouting and throwing the towel and my kid to wipe the mess up! She said something like, “Oh believe me I have my moments.” Continue reading