Awhile back at work, all of us were given a rose to take home. It was a sweet surprise. As usual, with a single flower, the roses had the little water capsules on the stem to keep them hydrated till they were able to get into a vase.

I took mine home, laid it on the counter and forgot about it. The next morning, I came downstairs to see that my flower had made it into a vase full of water. My sweet Chloe had been trying to be helpful. I thanked her and went about my day…only to find that my flower was dead by the next morning. I thought…how odd. Roses usually last a good week for me!

So, I pulled it out of the vase and saw that the water capsule was still attached to the bottom of the stem. Poor Chloe, didn’t know that she needed to remove that capsule before putting the flower in the vase. So, this beautiful rose was surrounded by water that couldn’t get to it and give it life because it was completely blocked off.

That got me thinking…if you know me, you know that random things that happen always make me think of various life metaphors…

Isn’t that how we are some times? We’re surrounded by the things that can give us life, but we’ve got these little walls built up that don’t let that life in. Hurt, resentment, bitterness, distrust, anger…the list can go on and on. The only way to make our hearts open to the good things around us that bring us life is to knock those walls down.

I’ve had many conversations with my children about this after everything we’ve been through in the last year. When you get knocked down and get hurt by someone, its so easy to make assumptions moving forward with new relationships. As I’ve told my children, while I don’t always do this well and I do have bad days, “Just because you’ve been hurt or someone has broken your trust doesn’t mean that you assume that everyone will hurt you or break your trust. You give people the benefit of the doubt. You trust until someone gives you a reason not to, not the other way around.”

I could easily build up walls and not let anyone in. I don’t think anyone would fault me for that. But then where would that leave me? Every relationship comes with risk. But, I firmly believe that those risks are worth it. There’s an old analogy out there that says to think of your heart as a box. And inside that box is a beautiful treasure. If you keep the box closed and locked up, sure, you might keep that treasure safe from harm. It won’t crack or break. But it’ll also never experience any light either. It’ll remain in the dark, alone…Our treasures are meant to be loved and appreciated and to bring us, and others, joy! Is there a chance that if you open that box and let someone hold your treasure that they might drop it, break it or not take care with it? Sure. But the alternative is not an option in a life that is meant to be lived.

So, I choose to drop the walls. I choose to take the risk. I choose to believe it’s worth it.

This is what happens when you break down the walls. You don't wither away...you thrive. Beautiful, huh?

This is what happens when you break down the walls. You don’t wither away…you thrive. Beautiful, no?


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