Is That All it Takes?

ImageToday I’m home with two sickies. We all stayed home from school. Me from my classroom, they from theirs.

So once I had the puke cleaned up and the dishes caught up and the laundered bed sheets all re-assembled I thought, wow, I actually have time to write a blog post today.

Is that all it takes?

A sick day?

Geesh, if I had known that we would have been running things a little different ’round here.

Of course, its not my sick day. If it were my sick day I’d be half naked laying across my bed unconscious with a saltine sticking out my mouth and a Kleenex stuffed up my nose. Nice picture I painted there, no?

I’ve been trying for the last few months to figure out what the “new normal” is for my family since I got a teaching position. There are a few things that I’ve figured out and that seem to be working well. Other’s get lost in the whirlwind that is my week. Laundry piles are in different corners when in the past I would never have been behind. Kids bedrooms are beginning to look like places hazard cones should be placed at as a warning for visitors.

Should I go on?

Since I started teaching it has been incredibly difficult to find time to do the things that I used to do.





Ugh! Why is it so hard?

There have been times in my life where I’ve worked full time outside the home before. We’ve made it work. I don’t know why but this time feels different. Maybe because the kids are older? That brings its own slew of new scheduling conflicts with basketball, soccer, birthday parties, sleep overs, homework…

I know little by little we will find a rhythm in everything that works for us.

Right now just feels a little chaotic.

I joke that right around the end of May when summer vacation is rearing its ugly head I will have finally figured it all out.

So excuse me if I say, “Thank goodness for a sick day so I have time to catch up. “

How do you mom’s who also work outside the home make everything work? I’d love to hear some great ideas on organization and scheduling!


One thought on “Is That All it Takes?

  1. prepping dinner ahead of time is key…I know-I work at home but the last month I’ve been helping at another house and working in our office (outside the home) If I can get the prep work of dinner done before I leave then I feel accomplished or having dinner done in the crockpot ROCKS!!! if you need ideas let me know…and laundry waits until weekends

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