Only Me

The funny thing about the thought, “Something like this would only happen to me” is how ridiculous it is. I’m sure that all those things that we think only happen to us are happening to other people every day of the week we just don’t talk about it.

So, I’m breaking the mold today and talking about something we don’t normally talk about.

Pap smears.

Before you stop reading, I’m not actually going to take you through my appointment. I’m just going to share a funny story about something that happened while I was there.

I was talking with the doctor and it was time for me to get changed, which essentially means get naked and put this ugly plastic coat on and then drape yourself with this really thin piece of napkin material.

So, the doctor leaves the room and I start getting undressed. I’m down to nothing. I reach for the plastic-y coat thing on the exam table, grab it and turn around only to realize that the window is wide open. There are window treatments on the window but they aren’t closed. They are wide open to a residential street with new townhomes. And they aren’t just any window treatment. They are vertical blinds. You know, the kind from 1980 that don’t close completely. There’s gaps between some of the blinds and they just swing in place.

I think fast and run toward the window to pull the shades so they close up. Of course, I didn’t put the coat on first so I’m just frantically running towards the window with my boobs flopping wildly.

I successfully close the window treatment then finish getting ready. I sit on the exam table and wrap the napkin blanket around my legs and wait to give the doctor the go ahead.

While I’m sitting there I realize that the exam table is situated and angled so that when I lay down in the stirrups I will be again giving a show to anyone who happens to be home across the street and peeking out their window.

Who sets up their exam room like that? I couldn’t even properly let my legs “relax” and “fall” to the side.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my doctor and their offices in general. I just walked away from that appointment thinking, “only me. This would only happen to me.”

Please tell me I’m wrong. The big question is, has this happened to you? Please feel free to leave a comment about any weird happenings at your doctor’s appointments so that I don’t feel so alone!

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6 thoughts on “Only Me

  1. No, sorry that hasn’t happened to me but I am surprised it hasn’t! Next year remember to ask for an exam room without a view. That’s hilarious that the doctor’s office would set themselves up like that! I am hoping the windows are tinted and you couldn’t tell from the inside.

  2. I remember overhearing one of my Mother’s friends tell a story similar to this (this was a LONG time ago, I was probably 5 or 6 and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why all the ladies said “oh you poor thing” over and over as they sipped their tea). If I remember right, this woman was pregnant and getting an exam. It was a ground level office, with the table also facing a residential area. The part I remember was that “I look up, and there is little Tommy Fenstermaker was peering through the window.” There was more to the story about how Mrs. Fenstermaker wouldn’t come around anymore, etc. Look at the up side, at least the 12 year old neighborhood boy wasn’t there watching. (And thank you Lord, I am eternally grateful my OB/GYN’s office is on the fifth floor! LOL).

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