New (to me) Buffet Table

I recently made an excellent furniture find…in my garage of all places.

The previous owners, or the previous owners to the previous owners left some old furniture behind and we came across an old piece of furniture that would work really great for a buffet for us.

We had been looking into buying a buffet for months and had been narrowing down ideas based on style and cost when I just decided to throw caution to the wind and work my creative muscles.

Actually, I feel that may be a stretch…it really didn’t take that much creativity. This was such a simple process.

Here’s what we did…and what you can do to…

Find a piece of junk. Ours was conveniently located in the back of our garage.

See the potential in it. I love turning something old and unusable into something beautiful with purpose.

Sand it. This was free for us because we already owned a sander but you can rent them for an inexpensive price at your local hardware stores.

Paint it. We chose to go the spray paint route and I’m so glad we did. It was so super simple and painless. And cheap. We chose a paint that had a primer built in and we were all set. Total cost: $12

Put on new hardware. Some of the old hardware was hiding in one of the drawers when we found the piece but we decided to go new. We headed to one of my favorite stores of all time – Hobby Lobby. Love shopping there. Especially when they are having a sale. And they always seem to be having a sale. Total cost for 6 pieces of hardware: $18

Add finishing touches. We bought an inexpensive vase, decorative balls and holder, and moved a potted plant from another room over to this table. My goal is to go to Hobby Lobby again (like I need an excuse) and get some larger vases or candle holders to flank the wall hanging. But for now, I’m happy with this mini-makeover. Total cost: $25

At the end of the day – literally, it took less than one day to do this project – we ended up with this:


Isn’t it pretty?


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