Just Let Me Win!



Cayson was very tired after a full day of swimming and sliding so he was a tad cranky when I took this photo. But I’m still partial to him. Pretty cute little stinker. 

There was a running theme while we were on our little vacay.

Every time Cayson and I were together and we decided to move on to something else he would say to me, “Race me, momma.”

Well, okay. I’ve got a few competitive bones in my body. Let’s race. Quickly, in our first race to the stairs I realized that a “race” was not actually what Cayson wanted. He panicked a little when he saw me putting full effort in and passing him by. And quickly said, “Hey, let me win!”

Oh, okay. That kind of race.

So, I did what so many of us mothers do…I “let” him win. Over and over and over.

And it thrilled him. 

I gave about 80% so that he could cross the finish line first. Every time.

If I’m being honest, that was really hard for me. 

I like to win. 

But so does my son. 

And I like my son more than I like winning.

Parenting is all about the “little” sacrifices. Day to day. 

I know there are some out there who might think, “Well, he needs to learn how to be a good sport and that losing happens sometimes.”

It does. And he does. 

But he needs to build connection with his mommy more.

He needs to make positive memories.

He needs to look back as he grows with an understanding that his parents cared enough about all the little things to put him first.

I tell myself there’ll be time for winning later. Of course, when he’s 16 I’ll also be 11 years older and probably incapable of kicking his butt…but I can dream.


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