Just Let Me Sleep!

This last week we were traveling to MN for a couple of fun get togethers and had the disadvantage opportunity of being in the car together for a total of 10 hours over a 3 day period.

There were some rocky moments but there were some fun moments too. And that’s what life is all about isn’t it?

When we travel together I cannot stay awake. I try. I really do. But there is something about sitting in a moving car that lulls me to sleep. Every. Single. Time.

And every time I conk out my head bobs up and down and gets bent in all sorts of weird ways. Maybe some day I’ll be wise enough to buy a neck pillow but the sleep usually hits me fast and hard and I don’t think I’d even have time to think to put the neck pillow on.

Anyway…so we’ve had three fun-filled days in MN with friends and family…


At a baby shower for my cousin Karla and her husband Dan, who just recently adopted little Grace from China.


With our friends Todd and Sara, hanging out after the shower.

So, needless to say, not a lot of sleep was had and on the way home I did not hold it together as well as I did on the way up.

At one point I was going in and out and just had lost all control of my head muscles. And I didn’t care. I was so drowsy. It felt so nice and warm and fuzzy.

All of a sudden, I come slightly out of one of my stupors and I hear Clint quietly saying to the kids “Kids, look at your mom’s neck. It’s hilarious. Bobbing up and down. You know, your mom really likes it when you touch her face when she’s sleeping.”

Now, I heard all of this at the time it was happening. But I was so out of it, that I either didn’t care, or I was too incapacitated to do anything about it.

So I sat there buckled into my seat with my head bobbing up and down being brought back into the land of the living every few minutes by someone tickling my neck or tugging on my ear or sticking their finger in my ear or up my nose.

I remember vaguely swatting these little annoying fingers away at times but I’d go right back to bobbing.

Finally someone decided to tug my ear a little too much and it tugged me right out of my dream state and that was enough.

My head popped up, my eyes opened and I was fully awake.

Everyone sat there completely silent for a few minutes.

“Did you have a good nap?”

“Yeah…except for all the little hands that wouldn’t stop touching me.”
“Oh, really? I don’t know…”

“Yeah, save it. I heard everything. ‘Mom likes it when you touch her face.’ Funny. Just because I have no control over my neck doesn’t mean my ears stopped working.”

Fast forward a bit…we’re almost home. Clint is making plans to go out later after unpacking the van to the golf course. I was a bit miffed and so I said, “What? How come you get to leave and decompress from this trip?”

His response? “You had a nap.” He used that word again. Nap. Nope, not a nap. I am a nap novice. I know what they are and how they work. I’m an expert. That, my friends, was no nap.

That last hour just felt a lot like getting poked and prodded to me.

But, how could I be annoyed? Sometimes its okay if everyone has fun even at your expense. Sometimes fun, family bonding, memories are made in little, weird, crazy ways.

This is my family.

And I love them.

They make me laugh.

Even when they’re sticking their fingers in my ears.

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