Why I Never Became Miss Wisconsin…Among Other Things

I did it during my interview during my week at Miss Wisconsin.

I did it at my sister’s wedding reception.

I have done it at various jobs.

And with my own friends and family.

What was this thing I did over and over again? Not what you’re thinking. And certainly not anyhing fun or exciting.

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Whose Standard of Beauty?


So this picture is of a prescription note that my doctor gave me at a check up after our fourth baby was born. For the sole purpose of giving it to my husband.

I was feeling pretty insecure about my body.

Who knew that the more kids you have the less pliable your abdominal skin is. Competely incapable of un-stretching back to its original form. It only goes back to its “almost” original form.

Oh, sure, there are those few and far between women you see on TV or magazines who share their bikini ready bod’s after having 6 kids but I don’t know about you…I almost want to poke them in the eye with a fork. I mean, how did they do that? And why didn’t I think ahead to exercise with a trainer 4 hours a day while I was pregnant? Continue reading

You’re No Wimp!

So many lessons came from our little trip to the Dells. I’m probably going to milk it for all its worth…

While we were there my hubby worked up the courage to go down the drop slide. It is a slide that is a good 7 stories up. In order to go down the ride you have to step into a capsule, have the door close on you and then have the floor drop out from under you and…

Down you go.

The ride is literally over in three seconds.

I told hubby that if he could do it, I would also give it a try.

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Just Let Me Sleep!

This last week we were traveling to MN for a couple of fun get togethers and had the disadvantage opportunity of being in the car together for a total of 10 hours over a 3 day period.

There were some rocky moments but there were some fun moments too. And that’s what life is all about isn’t it?

When we travel together I cannot stay awake. I try. I really do. But there is something about sitting in a moving car that lulls me to sleep. Every. Single. Time.

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