DIY Pinboard

I made these pin board/head boards for my daughters room and thought I’d share. 

They were really easy to make. 

All you need is:

a tackboard




staple gun

hot glue gun

First, measure out batting and fabric to be approximately 2-3 inches longer than the tack board and then proceed to carefully wrap it around the back, pulling tightly, and stapling down. I pulled the material over the edges just like I would make the corner of a bed or wrap a present, if that makes sense.



As you can see from the photo above, I had already added on the ribbon but here is a photo of what the ribbon looked like from the front. You’ll want to measure it out carefully before cutting. I ended up needing about 4 yards to do both pinboards. I measured the lengths needed, cut and layed out and then stapled.




Lastly, I hot glued jewels from the craft section in Walmart (insert any mass producing craft selling store here) and let them set. 


We are getting rid of the bed frames in the background and are going to end up using these as the headboards for the girls beds. One final “extra” that I’m planning on doing is adding matching ribbon to the back with a couple of hooks so that it ends up looking like a wall hanging. Here’s a great tutorial on that from a DIY mom:


All in all, I’m pretty excited about this project. It turned out really well and the girls were really excited about it. As you can see from the final photo up above, the fabric matches their bedding and each is getting one with ribbon that is their favorite color. It’s going to make their room POP! and be a headboard with multiple uses. 





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