Calling First


The other day, my kids did something for like the hundredth time and it about sent my husband and I over the edge.

Lately they’ve been so consumed with getting something “first” so from the moment they get picked up from school they are vying for first with everything: practicing piano, watching a TV show, being on the computer, whatever it is…first.

Did you ever do this growing up? I know my brother, sister and I did for a while. It was like this huge competition. We especially did it when we were getting up from our seat when we were watching TV. If we felt we had a prime position on the couch we’d call out “I call my spot back!” and then no one could take it while we were out of the room. Like shouting out those words put an invisible bear trap on our seat that would entrap anyone who tried to steal it.  Amazingly we always honored this phrase. It was like an unspoken code of honor. Continue reading