Dive in.

If there is one thing I know all my kids have in common it is this…they love the water. Bath time, showers, pools, hot tubs. Doesn’t matter. They could spend hours. (Just like their momma.) They soak it up!

Every time we take swimming lessons they have the opportunity to jump off the diving board at the end of every lesson. It’s so much fun to be sitting in the gallery and watching all the little kids (and big kids) timidly jumping off the side of the board, with a noodle around their waste, into the open arms of their instructor. Of course, some are not so timid and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Others are brave and jump (or attempt a dive) straight out, completely independent. And others like my kids, walk up to the ladder and don’t even want to make the climb. Too risky. Too high up.

Three of my kids have yet to jump off the board. They’re fine playing in the shallow end and even swimming into the deep end (within arms reach of the edge) but when it comes to jumping off the board and doing something risky they are emphatic. “No thanks.”

I plead with them, “But you’re missing out.”
“Look, if that little guy can do it, so can you!”

“No, thanks.”

I can’t help but make a correlation to life. It’s okay not to be a risk taker. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that. I tend to be more cautious and slow in making decisions and accepting changes and challenges too. But, to get stuck in that place, to be unwilling to try new things and attempt daring feats…boy, we miss out on LIFE when we do that.

So, let me encourage you, as I continue to encourage my children, “Dive.”

You’ll never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t.

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