Mother of the Year

So, I’m not going to win any awards for Mother of the Year this year. And I’ve decided that I’m okay with that.

I’ve learned over the years that it’s better to be real than perfect.

So in the interest of being real, here are the top 10 reasons why I’m not a contender this year:

  1. I throw away 98% of the papers my children bring home from school. So far, 12 years into this parenting adventure no one’s said, “Hey where’s that pumpkin picture I made last week?”
  2. I enjoy a good nap more than I care to admit. I. Love. My. Naps.
  3. I’ve become quite lax on the shows that I allow my kids to watch. Nothing super inappropriate, but there was a time when I knew my children wouldn’t watch certain things and lo and behold if I haven’t relaxed my standards a bit.
  4. I allow my kids to eat dinner in front of the TV. I never thought I would do this one. I grew up eating in front of the TV a few times a week and it always felt so impersonal. I wanted the iconic family dinners around the table every night sharing our goods and our bads.
  5. I’ve spent the last three years online. Literally. Between classes, homework, blogging, and my facebook addiction my Mac has gotten more attention than my children.  Or maybe I’ve just learned to multi task?
  6. I let my children eat processed meats like hotdogs and bologna. You’d think kids that are as picky as mine wouldn’t want meat that is indefinable but alas it is on the menu every week because then I know that they will actually eat.
  7. We’ve actually had dessert for dinner more times than I can count. Usually just on the weekends when the lunch meal was big and filling but still…I still feel guilty when I pop some popcorn or scoop up some icecream and one little voice pipes up, “Hey, what’d we have for dinner?” Thanks for callin’ me out kid.
  8. I yell more than I should. I’m not talking yelling as in calling names or belittling my kids. I’m just talking “______________________, get up here! I’ve called you three times!”  The good news is that I know I have a proclivity towards being loud so I’m working on it. This one’s at the top of my list. I want to be the mom that does the work to actually walk down the stairs and request things in a normal voice from my kids
  9. I don’t make my kids brush their teeth twice a day. I know I should! I plan to! But the evenings and bedtimes can get kind of hectic so I try to make the one time a day really count. And on the days we actually get two in…miracle.
  10. While I’m going to school I have days where I leave when they leave and I don’t get home until bedtime. I literally don’t see them all day. Texting is my friend on those days but it just doesn’t cut it.

I’m probably my biggest critic because the other day my son runs up to me and squeals, “You’re the best mommy ever.”

Huh. Apparently, with all my failings and all my imperfections, I’m Mommy of the Year to the only people that matter.

And I bet you are too.

What are some things you do as a mom that you wish you didn’t?

What are some things that you do you swore you’d never do that you realized aren’t really that big a deal?


One thought on “Mother of the Year

  1. Good news is – you’re not alone. 🙂 I found myself nodding my head to some of these – and I’ve not even been a mother for 3 whole years yet. 🙂 Guess I aint getting that award either any time soon. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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