Schedule Changes

Is anyone else having trouble getting their kids back on a schedule that works for school?

I went into the beginning of summer vacation with so many great ideas and plans for my kids to work and play on a schedule during their time off.

We have been good about some things…but inconsistent in others.

We’ve practiced piano. Read. Played. Done our chores.

And almost weekly we checked off something fun on our Summer Bucket List.

pinterest visual prompt: my personal pic wouldn’t upload

But, in particular one of the inconsistent things I’m thinking of is bedtime routine.

Definitely not something we can afford to be inconsistent with when school starts back up.

So, the retraining starts now…maybe three weeks will be enough to get us back into routine again?

You might think that sounds silly. But routine really is a good thing for kids. Especially when they thrive on routine.

And I’ll share a little secret…

All kids thrive on routine.

Even when they don’t have special needs. They need it. It provides necessary boundaries and needed security.

Of which I remind myself ALL. THE. TIME.

Somethings that kids need consistency on (school year or not):

1. Bedtime. 

Do you read a story, sing a song? Do you have a specific time that works for your child?

Our kids go to bed in intervals. First we read together, something from the Bible/devotional and something from a book. I just recently started this and I want to continue doing it. Right now we are in the middle of Charlottes Web.

When I put the kids to bed I read with them individually and talk with them about the day. I usually pray with them or over them and we have some cuddle time. For years now my kids have liked drawing on my back. I know that sounds weird, but its sort of a win/win for everyone…its like a mini massage for me and I often have them write sentences with a given word prompt like, “My favorite part of today was…” Then they draw a picture to go with it.

On days when I feel like there isn’t time or I’m forgetful the kids will remind me. Its one of their favorite parts of bedtime.

2. Breakfast

Poor breakfast. Gets such a bad rap. Always gets skipped. But, it is the most important meal of the day. It sets your body up for how its going to run for the rest of the day. All of my kids are different and have different preferences (yes, really) and one of them would skip breakfast entirely if I let her but we make this time of day important. That involves getting up early enough to make time for it. And sometimes, on my end, planning ahead a little bit (setting things out, prepping something for the oven, etc.).

3. After School Schedule

During the summer we have been much more relaxed on things that have to get done and the timing in which they have to happen but we have still stuck to a simplified routine so that moving back into the school year won’t be as difficult a transition.We need that in this house particularly because of our daughter who has ASD and SDI. When our kids come home from school, they get a snack, and rotate through things they need to do:


independent reading

piano practice

before getting to veg. I know that some people might not agree with that. Some think that kids need down time before having to do all their individual work again when they get home. But I look at it like this: If I come home and take my shoes off and sit down I won’t ever start moving again. 

We loose our momentum when we stop. So keeping them on task is crucial to them getting everything done and actually having time at the end of the day to relax and veg out for a bit.

What things do you consider non-negotiable when being consistent with your kids?


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